Morrison 721

Developed To Make A Difference

As Morrison continues to take shape at the corner of Sharon and Colony roads – in the prestigious SouthPark area – it’s obvious that this is a place destined to join Charlotte’s line-up of “must see” neighborhoods.

More than a collection of shops and homes, Morrison is a vision of how neighbors – and neighborhoods – used to and can once again work together. It’s a vision of growth and community that does not create sprawl, but rather takes advantage of existing resources. And it’s a vision that is informed by decades of lifestyle-focused real estate experience; an unwavering belief in the idea of sustainable, pedestrian-centered neighborhoods; a shared insistence on honoring and preserving history; and a firm commitment to building environments that enhance our common quality of life.

Morrison is the vision of the people at Grubb Properties, a primarily family-owned company founded in 1963 in Lexington, North Carolina. After an initial focus on building, financing and selling affordable homes to low-income families – most of whom could get access to funding no other way – the company has grown into one of North Carolina’s premier real estate firms. Notable recent efforts have included The Ratcliffe luxury condominiums on Tryon Street in Uptown Charlotte as well as Latta Pavilion – a mixture of streetscape retail and luxury condominiums on East Boulevard, in the heart of Charlotte’s historic Dilworth neighborhood. The company is also leading the revitalization of a six-block district along landmark Elizabeth Avenue, just southeast of Uptown Charlotte.

Currently, Grubb Properties has approximately 100 employees and oversees a portfolio of roughly 1,300 apartment homes and nearly one million square feet of office and retail space. Over the past several decades, the company has sold roughly 3000 condominiums in North Carolina, making it one of the largest sellers of condominium homes in the state.

Grubb Properties is headquartered in Charlotte and maintains offices in Cary and Lexington, North Carolina.